Dark Age E​.​P.

by Les Modules Etranges



Liberate Tute Me Ex Inferis Records

Recorded at Les Modules Etranges Home Studio, Nantes, France

Mixed by Al Cable at Raven Studios (rav3nstudios@gmail.com), Wales, UK

Artwork hand drawn by Cllaire (cllaire.jimdo.com)

Vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement cet E.P. ou bien choisir de nous soutenir en participant moyennant la somme de votre choix. Tous les bénéfices engendrés par les ventes de Dark Age E.P. serviront au financement de notre prochain album autoproduit Unheeded Monologue prévu pour début 2016.

You can download this E.P. for free or chose to support us by buying it for any fee. All the benefits from the sales of Dark Age E.P. will be used as financing for our next self-released album Unheeded Monologue expected at the beginning of 2016.


released August 24, 2015

All lyrics by Azia, all music by Azia, Jenn, Damien, Olivier



all rights reserved


Les Modules Etranges Nantes, France

French cold wave post-punk from Nantes since 2007.

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Track Name: The Great Imitator
Tropical wood and femme fatale
But the new world
A celebration of an harmless act
But the new world
It’s crawling in sweet colours
But the new world
It spreads with the love I attend
But the new world has fallen
A deathly content
Delusional sense in your head
The pleasure of flesh
Beware it might just be the last
You’re turning pink
Your vision blurs
The great silent witch is on a hunt
She drowns me in shame
Don’t you understand
She’s on a hunt
Track Name: Dark Age
Lonely boy is taking root in social sickness
There’s a girl singing about her dying cat
Screens flashing, burning cells everywhere
Every comment on the news makes me sweat
I am useless
We are useless
Lonely boy is growing more darkness every day
There’s a girl screaming but the silence stays
Wounds open, pour some salt and take the pain
The future feels like a hopeless case
There’s no point anyway
The dark age is coming back
Sitting here waiting
Track Name: Oppression [2015]
The walls are made of ice
The pressure on your skin
Today the children cry
Their cage is filled with tears
There is no way out
You seek the host of fire
The secrets you retain
A bitter taste of flesh
An everlasting gaze
Track Name: Biliary Obstruction |feat. Nikki Crow]
I will not be traumatized by the events of war
My will and faith are stronger than the blood
A spoon of honey in my drink will smooth my tears
I’ll swallow my fear
I’ll swallow everything
The taste is sour
My lips ache
My teeth are broken
My tongue is swollen
Now I’m suffering from what feels like a biliary obstruction